Give ear to my words…

by Pastor Heidi Kratz

Psalm 5:1

Give ear to my words…

Since our oldest son has gone away to school in Saskatchewan we text back and forth throughout the week. On Fridays, he gives us a call. We get to hear his voice and we catch up on what we have experienced in our week. The cell service where our son is going to school is not great. Our conversations usually include phrases like…

You’re breaking up.”

Can you hear me now?”

I didn’t get that last part. Can you say that again?”

Give ear to my words”. We can come to Jesus at any time of day, with any situation and He WILL give ear to our words. Our words to the Lord are crystal clear at ALL times. Our prayer can be a whisper, a sigh, or a desperate cry for help. We don’t have to wait for Friday night when you are in the exact spot with good cell service for our prayers to be heard.

It is encouraging to know that when we come before God He will hear our prayers.