Oh, What a Tune Up

By Pastor Gary Jennings

RAP – It’s very simple; and everyone can RAP.  RAP means that you Read a passage; then you think through how you can Apply the passage to your life, and then lastly, you spend time in Prayer. We began RAP in our church this September. It’s great to know that many of us are reading the same passages each and every day. For the month of September our emphasis is, “God’s Wise Words”. This past week our reading kept us in the book of Proverbs. This week it is my turn to share how God has spoken to me from these daily passages.
The book of Proverbs is an amazing book. As I was reading this week, I was thinking that there is no rhythm here. Rhythm to me means that you can move along, and sometimes rather swiftly once you get in the grove. The Book of Philippians is a rhythm book for me. It has one theme and you run with it throughout the book. Proverbs is not like this at all. In my reading this week, I found that every verse seemed to be an incredible book in itself. Every verse stood on its own. Every verse was self-contained and separate. I found myself starting at the beginning of a verse and then at the end of this short verse, stopping to really flesh out the meaning for me and my life. Every verse seemed to be taking me in a different direction, as the message constantly changed. I was learning about the importance of a good character; how to guard my tongue; the need to cross-examine my motives; how to have a heart that pleases God; the need to follow God’s plans and not mine. The need for discipline, and on and on I could go. I feel like I had a tune up as this week’s reading went through so many areas of my life.
If I had to highlight one thing I read, I would highlight the word “fool”. This word shows up a few times in a defining way. I learned that a fool speaks out stupidity. A fool does not listen to a parent’s discipline. Fools feed on folly. Fools find no pleasure in understanding. Wow! This is powerful and deep cutting. I asked myself, “Have I ever been a fool in the past?” The answer is yes. God help me to not be a fool today or in the future.
Proverbs contains what I really need to read. On I go. On we read together.
Pastor Gary Jennings