Prints in the Sands of Time

By Pastor Gary Jennings Sr.

John Maxwell is a global leadership trainer who is currently inspiring millions to reach for the top in life and to do something of significance. Every day Leadership Guru John comes into my life for a just a minute or so via a video coaching program I subscribe to on the internet. The program is called A Minute with Maxwell. In this short time span John comes alongside me and begins by saying, Today’s Word is…. And then he impacts my life with a great truth. Many of these truths are so simple and yet they are so profound.

Recently John’s one minute word was Laziness. When I knew this was the word for the day, I knew it was going to be a good lesson because I know that John does not like laziness and that it really bugs him. Sure enough it was a great lesson. He said that lazy people waste their potential instead of use their potential; that God created us for greatness, not laziness; and that laziness is a slap in the face of God who created us.

What came next will be embedded in my mind for a very long time. He mentioned that some people speak of leaving footprints in the sands of time. Then he said that some people are guilty of leaving butt prints in the sands of time. That hit a homerun with me. I weaved that line in at least two of my Sunday sermons. It was such a simple combination of words, but what a picture I received in my mind. I saw cheek prints in the sands of time. They were two little egg shaped stationary divots that did not resemble moving foot prints. These prints lead nowhere. These prints were not inspiring. These prints showed no effort or advancement. These prints meant major slowdown.

I determined that those butt prints would never be my prints. My footprints may only be size 8 ½ each, but as long as I have breath I want them to be moving ahead and going somewhere.

A young man was once moving in line to receive his diploma for graduating at the end of his year in college. The instruction he received while in line to get that diploma was keep moving. He said that was the best advice he received that day. I really believe it takes more work to leave a butt print than a footprint, because you can’t stop to take a rest.

Laziness or Legacy is our choice. After we are gone, will people find us hard to forget or easy to forget. I guess that depends upon what kind of print we left in the sand.