My Praise, His Praise

By Pastor Gary Jennings Sr.

At the beginning of this New Year, I was saddened to hear of the death of Andrae Crouch. His funeral took place on January 21. It was live streamed and I believe it was about 4 ½ hours in length. Throughout the service I would check in to see and hear his life being celebrated. I was greatly inspired as I tuned in. Andrae wrote the song entitled, My Tribute (To God Be the Glory). During the funeral someone quoted from this song the words, and should I gain any praise, let it go to Calvary. Then he made his comments about any praise we receive. He said that we need to immediately let praise go and not hang on to it, because it’s not good to keep it. I found myself saying amen and amen. He also said that there is too much arrogance in the church today. That made me say ouch, but I could not deny the fact that in some cases this is a problem. Maybe it’s because some believers hang on to too much praise instead of passing it on to Jesus, and this makes the head swell up.

The truth is we are nothing without Christ, but through Him we can do all things. We need to keep this in proper perspective. I am not saying that we should not receive complements or believe in ourselves and our abilities, gifts and talents. Yes we can hold our head high; receive kind words, and accomplish great things for God. But we just need to be quick to pass the glory on to Christ. Why, because flesh has a tendency to fight for glory and praise. Flesh is an attention seeker. Flesh loves fanfare, lime lights and center stages. That’s where flesh lives and thrives best.

Many times during my preaching I address our need for humility. I am not shy about saying that we must decrease and He must increase. I am not shy about saying that it’s not all about me, but all about God. I am not shy about saying that if we raise ourselves up that God will bring us down. I really believe this. The truth is pride really does stink.

Paul the apostle said that we must slay flesh and keep the old man under our feet. How do you do that in your life? Do you have a plan that works? Who will get the final and ultimate praise is up to us. By the way, humility is not weakness, but rather a strength. Humility is not low self-image, but rather right self-image.

Should I receive any praise, let it go to Calvary.