In Everything Give Thanks

By Pastor Vern Kratz

Last week I was driving to a meeting very early one morning while it was still dark. I was crossing Victoria Avenue and forgot about the construction that had been going on. There was a very large bump in the road from where they had done some recent paving, but hadn’t finished. I was trying to make the light and never thought to slow down and I hit the bump full speed. The loud bang that ensued gave me quite a shock.

When I arrived to my meeting I was still mumbling and complaining to myself about the construction in the city when I felt God look directly at my heart and check my attitude. At that moment I realized I had an opportunity to complain about the construction, or I could be thankful that the roads were actually being worked on and improvements were being made.

I thought about it some more and came to the conclusion that in every situation we encounter we have an opportunity to complain or to be thankful. Take the hot weather that came at the end of September for example: we could complain about the mosquitos or we could be thankful for the warmer weather. We could complain about the length of time we spend in a waiting room to see a doctor, or we could be thankful that there is a doctor to see. We could complain about what we don’t have or we could be thankful for what we do have.

I think we as Christ followers should be known as people who live with an attitude of thanksgiving. It’s too easy to complain. Let’s go against the trend and choose to be thankful first.

Happy Thanksgiving!