Here I Am, Send Me

By Pastor Nikki Ragush

A couple Sundays ago I was asked by a parent, “Did you know what you wanted to do after high school?”

Immediately, I said “Yes!” But regretted it quickly, because none of us have a simple story of how we got where we are now.  Being the pastor of the youth group here at Calvary Temple, and being a young adult myself I am weekly put into discussions about future plans and what we are called to do. Simply, I could say that in Matthew 9:9 we are given the easy directive, “Follow Me.” Yes, we know we want to follow God but what does that look like for each one of us, on a daily basis we can portray the fruits of the Spirit but what should our career be? Should we move away or stay here? Should we take the job promotion? Should we continue in school not knowing where we are going?

But, when we are going somewhere how do we know we have “arrived”. It’s easy to see our lives as one-dimensional that it’s about moving to an end, but how much do we miss around us in the moment when we are just trying to finish well?

One of my favorite Christian bands has become a group called ‘All Sons and Daughters’, they have a way of making their music simple yet powerful. They have a song called ‘Called Me Higher’, it says “You have called me higher, You have called me deeper, And I’ll go where you will lead me Lord”. What if each of us lived our lives continuing each day as a journey and not seeking to find the finish? What if our lives are about falling deeper into God’s calling, and having that calling change and develop into things we never dreamed?

After I bumbled on for a bit about how I arrived at the decision I did to pursue youth ministry, I then said something that my mother has told me many times “Do we ever really know what we want to do when we grow up?” I pray that if God spoke to me tomorrow and said “Whom will I send? Who will go for us?” I would be ready with Isaiah’s response “Here I am. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).