One Who Serves

By: Pastor Vern Kratz

As I read through today’s passage, found in Luke 22:1-38, I note several phrases and verses that just jump off the page, some of them I have never really spent a lot time thinking about before. Let me encourage you to take the time to read it and see what words or phrases the Holy Spirit highlights for you. It’s a great passage to read this week as we head towards Good Friday and Easter morning.

But right in the middle of today’s passage there is a verse I want to dwell on for just a moment, because it is a good reminder for all of us.

Verse 24 tells us, “…a dispute arose among them as to which of them was considered to be greatest.”

Can you imagine? Jesus is about to be crucified, sacrificed for the sins of the entire world. So he gets together with his closest followers, his closest friends, for a final meal together, and all they can do is talk about themselves and argue as to who was the greatest.

But Jesus, was the Master Teacher, and was graciously patient with his sometimes immature disciples. Even in this moment, when all thoughts and efforts should have been turned towards Jesus to encourage and lift him up and strengthen him for what he was about to endure, Jesus instead takes it as an opportunity to remind his followers of how they ought to act towards one another.

Jesus reminds them (and us), “…the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves.” (Verse 26)

This was among some of Jesus’ final words before going to the cross. I would consider them of great importance. Something we should take heed of and put into practice.

How can you choose to be a servant today? How can you place someone else’s needs ahead of yours? How can you bless someone else today? By doing so you are becoming more like Jesus.

Jesus said, “But I am among you as one who serves.” (Verse 27)

There are a few verses in today’s passage that I don’t quite understand, but verse 26 is pretty clear, Jesus wants us to serve. As we continue with our week leading up to Easter let us continue to remind ourselves that Jesus came as a servant and he expects us to follow his example.

Be a blessing this Easter!