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The 2018 Pocket Scripture Calendar from the Bible League of Canada is available in the church foyer. This year, we are following the New Testament reading plan


Reading with a literacy question.
1  ○ Matt. 1     What does “Immanuel” mean?
2  ○ Matt. 2     What important visitors did Jesus have when He was very young?
3  ○ Matt. 3     What did John the Baptist wear? What did he eat?
4  ○ Matt. 4     Who took Jesus to the highest point of the temple in Jerusalem?
5  ○ Matt. 5:1-26     What will happen to people who make peace?
6  ○ Matt. 5:27-48     What should you do if someone hits you on the cheek?

7  ○ Matt. 6     What part of the body is like a lamp?
8  ○ Matt. 7     What sort of man loses his house when the winds blow?
9  ○ Matt. 8     Where did the demons beg Jesus to send them?
10  ○ Matt. 9:1-17       What work did Matthew do before he became a disciple?
11  ○ Matt. 9:18-38     What little girl did Jesus raise from the dead after telling people she   was only asleep?
12  ○ Matt. 10:1-23        Name the 12 disciples.
13  ○ Matt. 10:24-42     Two sparrows are sold for how much money?

14  ○ Matt. 11                  What will Jesus give to people who are weary and burdened?
15  ○ Matt. 12:1-21        What did Jesus’ disciples do that was illegal?
16  ○ Matt. 12:22-50     How can you recognize whether a tree is good or bad?
17  ○ Matt. 13:1-32       What will happen to the weeds planted with the wheat?
18  ○ Matt. 13:33-58     Why did Jesus do only a few miracles in Nazareth?
19  ○ Matt. 14:1-21       Whose entrancing dance proved fatal for John the Baptist?
20  ○ Matt. 14:22-36     What two people walked on water in the midst of a storm?

21  ○ Matt. 15:1-20        Evil comes from what part of the body?
22  ○ Matt. 15:21-39     How many loaves of bread did Jesus feed to 4,000 people?
23  ○ Matt. 16                  What was Peter’s father’s name?
24  ○ Matt. 17                  What did Peter find with a coin in its mouth?
25  ○ Matt. 18:1-20       What should you do if someone sins against you?
26  ○ Matt. 18:21-35     How many times should you forgive your brother?
27  ○ Matt. 19:1-15       What did Jesus say was the only basis for divorce?

28  ○ Matt. 19:16-30     What did Jesus tell the rich young man to do?
29  ○ Matt. 20:1-16       Why did some of the workers complain?
30  ○ Matt. 20:17-34     What is the secret to greatness?
31  ○ Matt. 21:1-22       What unproductive tree did Jesus curse?


1 Matt. 21:23-46         Why didn’t the Pharisees arrest Jesus?
2 Matt. 22:1-22           Whose picture was on the coin that was brought to Jesus?
3 Matt. 22:23-46         What is the greatest commandment?
4 Matt. 23:1-22           What will happen to someone who exalts himself?

5 Matt. 23:23-39         What insects do the Pharisees remove?
6 Matt. 24:1-22           What will happen before the end of the world?
7 Matt. 24:23-51        Who knows when the end of the world will be?
8 Matt. 25:1-30           What did the 5 foolish women forget?
9 Matt. 25:31-46        On which side will the goats be put?
10 Matt. 26:1-19          What was Judas given to betray Jesus?
11 Matt. 26:20-54       Where did Jesus pray with His disciples?

12 Matt. 26:55-75       What crime was Jesus charged with?
13 Matt. 27:1-31          What happened to Judas’ 30 pieces of silver?
14 Matt. 27:32-66       Simon, the man who carried Jesus’ cross, was from where?
15 Matt. 28:1-20         Who bribed the guards at Jesus’ tomb to say that the disciples had stolen the body?
16 Mark 1:1-22           Who ate locusts in the wilderness?
17 Mark 1:23-45        What disciple’s mother-in-law was healed of a fever by Jesus?
18 Mark 2                     How big is a mustard seed?

19 Mark 3:1-21          Who were the “sons of thunder”?
20 Mark 3:22-35        Who are Jesus’ brothers and sisters?
21 Mark 4:1-20          What does the thorny soil represent in the parable of the farmer?
22 Mark 4:21-41        In what part of the boat was Jesus sleeping?
23 Mark 5:1-20          Who screamed in a loud voice, asking Jesus not to punish him?
24 Mark 5:21-43        What made the sick woman well?
25 Mark 6:1-32          Who arranged to cut off the head of John the Baptist?

26 Mark 6:33-58        Why were the disciples terrified of Jesus?
27 Mark 7:1-13          Why did Jesus call the Pharisees hypocrites?
28 Mark 7:14-37       What did Jesus do to heal the deaf man?

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