Weekly RAP Read Apply Pray


Read through the whole Bible in one year, a chapter-a-day Bible overview 2019

This year, we are following the whole bible reading plan

Reading with a literacy question.


1 □ Genesis 1    On what day did God create the birds?
2 □ Genesis 2-3 What tree’s leaves covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve?
3 □ Genesis 4How did God punish Cain?
4 □ Genesis 6What kind of wood was used to create Noah’s ark?
5 □ Genesis 7How old was Noah when the flood came?
6 □ Genesis 8What was the first bird released from the ark?

7 □ Genesis 9What did God use to seal His promise not to flood the earth?
8 □ Genesis 11Who was Abram’s father?
9 □ Genesis 12Out of fear for his life, what lie did Abram tell Pharaoh?
10 □ Genesis 15If Abram did not have any sons, who would inherit his estate?
11 □ Genesis 18Who laughed when she heard she would bear a son in her old age?
12 □ Genesis 21Why did Sarah want Hagar and Ishmael to leave?
13 □ Genesis 22What did God provide as a sacrifice in place of Isaac?

14 □ Genesis 24How many camels did Abraham’s servant take with him?
15 □ Genesis 27Which son was blessed by Isaac first?
16 □ Genesis 28Who anointed a stone and dedicated it to God?
17 □ Genesis 37Who was the dreamer?
18 □ Genesis 39Whose wife caused trouble for Joseph?
19 □ Genesis 40What did the baker’s dream mean?
20 □ Genesis 41Who had a dream about cows standing by the riverside?

21 □ Genesis 42Who was Jacob’s youngest son?
22 □ Genesis 43Who took responsibility for Jacob’s youngest son?
23 □ Genesis 44Where was Joseph’s silver cup found?
24 □ Genesis 45Who sent Joseph to Egypt?
25 □ Genesis 50Where did Joseph bury his father?
26 □ Exodus 1Why did Pharaoh want to kill the Israelites?
27 □ Exodus 2What material was used to make Moses’ basket?

28 □ Exodus 3Where did Moses see the burning bush?
29 □ Exodus 4What happened to Moses’ hand?
30 □ Exodus 5What negative character label did Pharaoh give the Israelites?
31 □ Exodus 6According to Moses, why didn’t the Israelites listen to him?
1 □ Exodus 7What did the Nile water turn into?
2 □ Exodus 8What everyday substance was changed into a plague of gnats?
3 □ Exodus 9What phenomenon accompanied the plague of hail in Egypt?

4 □ Exodus 10What was blown out of Egypt by a strong west wind?
5 □ Exodus 11What was the final plague against the Egyptians?
6 □ Exodus 12What miraculous event did the eating of bitter herbs commemorate?
7 □ Exodus 13What did the Israelites follow at night while wandering in the wilderness?
8 □ Exodus 14Why couldn’t the Egyptians see the Israelites at night?
9 □ Exodus 19What mountain did the Lord descend upon in fire?

10 □ Exodus 20What kind of stone should not be used in making an altar?
11 □ Exodus 32What did Aaron make out of the Israelites’ gold earrings?
12 □ Leviticus 16How often each year was atonement to be offered?
13 □ Numbers 13What insect did Israel’s spies look like to the people of Canaan?
14□ Numbers 14How long did the people of Israel wander in the desert?
15 □ Deuteronomy 1 How long had it been since the Israelites left Mount Sinai?
16 □ Deuteronomy 2 What nationality was King Sihon?

17 □ Deuteronomy 3 How large was King Og’s bed?
18 □ Deuteronomy 4 From what mountain did Israel hear God’s voice?
19 □ Deuteronomy 5 What is the first commandment?
20 □ Deuteronomy 6 What were the people to write on their doorframes?
21 □ Deuteronomy 7 Why didn’t the Lord want to drive out all the nations at once?
22 □ Deuteronomy 8 How long were the people of Israel in the desert?
23 □ Deuteronomy 27 What were the Israelites to set up on Mount Ebal?

24 □ Deuteronomy 28 On the altar on Mount Ebal, how many stones were set up?
25 □ Deuteronomy 29 How long were the people in the desert?
26 □ Deuteronomy 30 What would happen if the Israelites obeyed God?
27 □ Deuteronomy 32 On what mountain did Moses die?
28 □ Deuteronomy 34 How old was Moses when he died?
1 □ Joshua 1What river did the Israelites cross when they entered Canaan?
2 □ Joshua 2Where did Rahab hide the Israelite spies?

3 □ Joshua 3The people of Israel crossed the Jordan in what season?
4 □ Joshua 4When did the Israelites cross the Jordan River?
5 □ Joshua 6How many priests carried rams’ horns around Jericho?
6 □ Joshua 23What did Joshua say would happen if the people disobeyed God?
7 □ Joshua 24How old was Joshua when he died?
8 □ Judges 2Why did God allow the other nations to stay in Canaan?
9 □ Judges 6Who was commissioned by an angel to save Israel from the Midianites?

10 □ Judges 7With how many men did Gideon defeat the people of Midian?
11 □ Judges 14Who tore a lion apart?
12 □ Judges 15How many foxes did Samson catch?
13 □ Judges 16What Philistine woman tricked Samson into revealing his secret?
14 □ Ruth 1Who called herself Marah, a name meaning “bitter”?
15 □ Ruth 2From whose field did Ruth gather grain?
16 □ Ruth 3What did Ruth do to the feet of Boaz?

17 □ Ruth 4What was the name of Ruth’s son?
18 □ 1 Samuel 1What woman moved her lips in prayer but made no sound?
19 □ 1 Samuel 2What were the names of Eli’s two sons?
20 □ 1 Samuel 3Who was called out of his sleep by the voice of God?
21 □ 1 Samuel 8What were the names of Samuel’s sons?
22 □ 1 Samuel 9From what tribe was Saul?
23 □ 1 Samuel 10Where did Saul hide at his coronation?

24 □ 1 Samuel 15What was Saul told was more important than sacrificing sheep?
25 □ 1 Samuel 16What instrument did David play for Saul?
25 □ 1 Samuel 17Who chose five smooth stones as his weapon?
27 □ 2 Samuel 5How old was David when he became king?
28 □ 2 Samuel 7After the incident with Bathsheba, what prophet confronted David?
28 □ 2 Samuel 11What Hittite solder was put on the front lines of battle? Why?
30 □ 2 Samuel 12What prophet told David a story about a man with one lamb?


1 □ 1 Kings 1Which son of David unsuccessfully tried to become king of Israel?