I Do Not Change

By Pastor Vern Kratz

In this fast-paced ever-changing world there are very few things that stay the same.

As you drive to the edge of town you can hear the “old-timer” reminisce as he looks over a newly developed residential neighbourhood, “I can remember when this was all farmers’ fields.”

I remember when gasoline was 35 cents a gallon and we measured the temperature in Fahrenheit. I remember wondering what a computer was and if there was any value to having one in the house.

I remember waiting for months (sometimes years) for a movie to finally show up on TV because there were no VCRs, DVD players, or Blue-ray players. Some will even remember a time before televisions.

Rules change, leaders change, places change, friends change… time moves on and everything changes in one way or another.

Even for those who like change, the constant change can become draining and even scary at times.

My reading over the weekend took me to the Malachi. It’s the last book of the Old Testament in the Bible. It’s also the last book of the Bible written before Jesus Christ came on the scene (approximately 400 years before Jesus). So it’s fitting to read this book during the few days leading up to Christmas where we celebrate the coming of our Lord to the earth as a baby.

Several phrases from Malachi jumped out at me, but one in particular caught my attention. Malachi 3:6 says: “I the Lord do not change.”

And somehow in those words I find great comfort. As I look back over the year that was 2015 I have seen many things change, some for the better, some not so much. Both in my life personally and then also on the world stage – many things have changed, and not always for the better.

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom here, so I want to encourage us with the reminder that our God does not change – ever. He is the same as he has always been. He keeps every promise. His commands to us have never deviated. His truth has never changed.

As we look to the New Year and all its possibilities it is a great time to make some changes in our lives. Change can be good! We need to put good disciplines in our lives that maybe weren’t there before. Maybe its time to finally give up that bad habit that isn’t good for us – that would be a good change.

Whatever changes we choose to make, I pray that they are changes that will make you more like Christ, and the God who does not change!

Blessings on you this Christmas! And I pray that we make good changes in 2016!

God loves you very much – that is also something that will never change!