I have Chosen

by Pastor Gary Jennings

RAP – It’s simple to do. Read a passage; Apply the passage, and Pray the passage. Everyone can rap.

At the time of my blogging, it is Wednesday, December 9. Our church family Bible reading guide on this day took us to Isaiah 44:1-28. This is a very busy week in the life of our church. We begin our Singing Christmas Tree (SCT) presentations tomorrow. Much of what I am doing in the present I am seeing through the portals of our SCT. As I read Wednesday’s scripture passage, the words I have chosen in verse one immediately leaped out at me. Over the next four days, and six SCT presentations, I will be giving myself, and spending myself in ministry. I actually live for these moments when God can use me in our SCT. It’s the highlight of my year. Much has already been done, but there remains so much more to do. Now we will do what all the work, effort, memorization and practices were really for. It’s about the great news of the message of Jesus at Christmas time. We are praying that Jesus will transform lives.

Now back to the words, I have chosen. I am one of many who are in the Singing Christmas Tree. I am one of about 230 people who are involved in the entire SCT production, one of 58 adults in the choir, one of 9 men who are singing the base part, and even though I am the only one closing each presentation and giving a salvation invitation, I am far from standing alone. My SCT team is with me in prayer and support. I know they are standing with me, and I know I need the team.

And, as great as team support is, I have God’s word to stand upon and to be encouraged by. In Isaiah 44:1, just as God said, listen, to Jacob, He is saying listen to me. I noted what comes next for me to take personally from verses one and two. As I do my part in our SCT, God says that I am His servant. He says that He has chosen me. He says that He made me and formed me and that He will help me. Then he says I do not have to be afraid. Wow! I’ll take it; wouldn’t you? Awe, but you can.

Onward to an incredible weekend of ministry,

Pastor Gary Jennings