Appointed Praise

by Pastor Gary Jennings

RAP – It’s very simple; everyone can RAP. RAP means: Read a passage; think through how to Apply the passage; then Pray.

This past week most of our church prayer reading guide took us to the book of I Chronicles. On Wednesday’s passage reading, the verse that stood out to me was I Chronicles 16:7 where I read that David first appointed Asaph and his associates to give praise to the Lord. I know that Asaph was one of David’s assigned worship leaders and that he was a very gifted musician and songwriter. But as I thought about this verse, and let my mind go off the beaten trail, I could not help but wonder what response I would get if I went around appointing people at random to praise the Lord. It was just a passing thought, but I am sure I would get mixed responses and strange looks. This is not something we normally do.

David went on to tell Asaph to give praise to the Lord in this manner. He took it a step further and in the verses following this one, he explained in great detail how he wanted Asaph to praise the Lord in a public leadership setting. David actually wrote the worship service details so to speak – This is how I want you to do it personally, and how I want you and lead it corporately.

What is my practical take away from this, and how can I apply this to my life? How can you apply this to your life?

Well here goes. I probably should not go around appointing, and designating people to praise God, and then follow that up with how to do it – but, I can still inspire and lead people to give praise to God in a more indirect way. Jesus called us to let our light shine and to make praise a lifestyle. Just think of the impact of this on other people.

My parents never told me that I had to praise God; they showed me how vital this was by their own life. I heard them worship as I stood by them in the church pew. Through their posture, I saw them praise God. At home I would hear my father giving praise to God as he moved about our home. I heard my father on church platforms and in secular platforms, singing and giving praise to God.

Wow! What an impact on my life. They never appointed me to praise God, but I did end up becoming a worshiper. Note to self: Gary, pass it on.

Pastor Gary Jennings