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Weekly RAP Read Apply Pray


This year, we are following the New Testament reading plan

Reading with a literacy question.

01  Luke 22:54-71 What did Peter do after he disowned Jesus three times?
02  Luke 23:1-26 Who wanted to see miracles when Jesus was brought to him?
03  Luke 23:27-38 For whom did Jesus tell the women to cry?
04  Luke 23:39-56 At the crucifixion, who asked Jesus to remember him?
05  Luke 24:1-35 What day did the women take spices to the tomb?

06  Luke 24:36-53 What did Jesus eat to prove He was not a ghost?
07  John 1:1-28 Who were the 3 people that the priests and Levites guessed John the Baptist to be?
08  John 1:29-51 What bird symbolizes the Holy Spirit?
09  John 2 What was the first miracle Jesus performed at Cana in Galilee?
10  John 3:1-21 What must a man do in order to have eternal life?
11  John 3:22-36 What will you have if you believe in the Son?
12  John 4:1-26 Where did the Samaritans build their temple?

13  John 4:27-54 Why did many Samaritans believe in Jesus?
14  John 5:1-24 What did Jesus do on the Sabbath day that caused the Jews to persecute Him?
15  John 5:25-47 Who was the lamp?
16  John 6:1-21 Jesus fed 5,000 people with what food?
17  John 6:22-44 What is bread from heaven?
18  John 6:45-71 How many disciples stayed with Jesus after His teaching about the bread of life?
19  John 7:1-24 Did Jesus go to the Feast of Tabernacles in public or in secret?

20  John 7:25-53 Who arrested Jesus?
21  John 8:1-20 How did Jesus respond to the law that commands stoning an adulterous woman?
22  John 8:21-36 What will the truth do for you?
23  John 8:37-59 Who is the father of lies?
24  John 9:1-23 How did the blind man receive his sight?
25  John 9:24-41 How many times did the Pharisees bring in the healed blind man for questioning?
26  John 10:1-21 What animal does Jesus use to explain His care for His people?

27  John 10:22-42 Why did the people want to stone Jesus?
28  John 11:1-17 How many days had Lazarus been dead before Jesus arrived?
29  John 11:18-46 To whom did Jesus say, “I am the resurrection and the life”?
30  John 11:47-57 Who was out to arrest Jesus?

01  John 12:1-19 What did Mary do that Judas Iscariot objected to?
02  John 12:20-50 What must happen to a seed so it can produce many seeds?

03  John 13:1-17 How did Jesus prove His love for His disciples?
04  John 13:18-38 Who betrayed Jesus?
05  John 14 Who would teach Jesus’ followers all they needed to know?
06  John 15 What evidence proves that you are a disciple of Jesus?
07  John 16:1-15 Who will guide the disciples into truth after Jesus dies?
08  John 16:16-33 When will the disciples’ grief turn to joy?
09 John 17 How does Jesus bring glory to God on earth?

10 John 18:1-23 Who was Malchus?
11 John 18:24-40 What happened after Peter’s denial?
12 John 19:1-22 What notice did Pilate have fastened to the cross?
13 John 19:23-42 What plant was used to lift up a sponge to Jesus?
14 John 20 What disciple outran Peter to Jesus’ tomb?
15 John 21 How many fish did the disciples catch?
16 Acts 1 Who succeeded Judas Iscariot as an apostle?

17 Acts 2:1-13 What happened to the disciples as the Holy Spirit filled them?
18 Acts 8:1-25 Who began to persecute the church?
19 Acts 8:26-40 What Old Testament book did Philip explain to the Ethiopian?
20 Acts 9:1-22 What happened when Ananias placed his hands on Saul?
21 Acts 9:23-43 What woman did Peter raise from the dead?
22 Acts 10:1-23 What Roman soldier did Peter lead to Christ?
23 Acts 10:24-48 What was Peter’s other name?

24 Acts 11 Where were believers first called Christians?
25 Acts 12 Who was the mother of John Mark?
26 Acts 13:1-23 What hard-working companion of Paul was called an apostle?
27 Acts 13:24-52 Why did Paul and Barnabas shake the dust off their feet at Pisidian Antioch?
28 Acts 14 What happened at Lystra?
29 Acts 15:1-21 Who offered a solution at the meeting in Jerusalem?
30 Acts 15:22-41 What were Gentile believers required to abstain from?