Monthly Archives: August 2016

Citizens of Heaven

By: Pastor Heidi Kratz

Philippians 3: 19 & 20

“Their mind is on earthly things.  But our citizenship is in heaven.”

The summer months are a time where we can relax, travel, and enjoy the warmer weather.  Every year our family tries to plan a trip together in July or August.  If you know anything about our family vacations you know that they are days packed full of activity.  We usually need a holiday when we get back from our holiday.  We try to see as much as we can in the days that we are away.  We have traveled through most of Canada, many parts of the United States and once Vern and I traveled to Europe.  We love the road trips seeing museums, different shops, theme parks and water parks.

Even though we love to travel there is a great feeling when the customs officer hands you your passport and you have been cleared to return into Canada.  We are Canadian citizens and this is our earthly home.  We live in a land of freedom.  Freedom to work, go to school and to worship on Sundays.  We love our earthly home, but our focus should be on our heavenly home.  We should “eagerly await” for that final destination.  We are citizens of heaven.

How do we become a citizen or receive a passport to heaven?  When you need to renew your passport, it is a long and careful process.  No mistakes can be made.  Your picture needs to be exactly right and every part of the application filled out properly.  Our passport to heaven is a free gift to us.  Jesus accepts us as we are (with all our mistakes).  All we have to do is believe that Jesus died to save us from our sins and we simply just need to ask him to be our Savior.  Jesus gave his life so that we could become citizens of heaven.

I look forward to my vacation this summer, but I also look forward to coming home.