A church for you and your whole family. If you are new to Brandon or new to church, we would love to get you connected and have you find meaningful relationships at Calvary Temple. Here are a few places to get started.

Lead Pastor

Gary Jennings
204 728 8500

Overall Leadership
Prayer Ministry
Seniors Ministry
Multicultural Ministry

Pastor Gary Jennings

I have had the privilege of being Lead Pastor of Calvary Temple since October 2002. It’s a great family church with an exciting adventure atmosphere. Previous to this, I served as Senior Pastor at Thompson Pentecostal Assembly in Thompson Manitoba for fourteen years. I am a firm believer in pastoring the same church for a long season, if at all possible. Over the years I have learned that this commitment is so beneficial. For the church family, it can build and maintain stability, consistency and ministry effectiveness. For me as a pastor it inspires me to keep growing, learning, discovering, and adventuring. It leaves no room for comfort zones or complacency. I am excited about continually blooming where God has me planted.

I also believe in long term church staffing. Pastor Vern Kratz and I have ministered together since 1996.

The main responsibilities I have as lead Pastor of Calvary Temple is giving spiritual leadership and casting over all church vision. The Bible is our source, and our vision keeps us advancing in an expectant and exciting way. We believe in expanding God’s kingdom at home and abroad. You can read more about our mission on our site.

I also have a great appreciation for automobiles. I towed my first car home in 1974 when I lived in Truro, Nova Scotia. I paid $25.00 for a 1968 Ford Galaxy. I still remember my mother telling me to ‘get that junk out of our yard’. I said, ‘but mom, I can fix it.’ My mom won and I returned the car, but lost my $25.00. That was a long time ago. I still love working on cars and especially repairing cars which have been involved in accidents and written off. They call them total losses, but that’s not the way I view them. I am a regular at car auctions or where crinkled ones can be found. I particularity love the auto body work because it’s the end result that is thrilling to me. To be able to standback and admire what has been accomplished is very satisfying. My family loves this too because they all get to drive a different car quite regularly.

My personal favorite which I have repaired is a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible. I have included the before and after pictures below. With working on it when I was able, it took me six weeks to complete. Yes, I am sure proud of this car.

Well, this is a little bit about who I am. My wife’s name is Lana. We have been married since December 11, 1982. Our special times together certainly have to be our Starbuck coffee times, where we get to have our regular chats.

We have two grown boys, Gary Junior, who is married to Kelsey, and Matthew. We also have one German Shepherd, named Meiko who thinks she is the boss. She has some strange habits like licking vehicle battery posts and eating rusted metal. We are not sure what her problem is, but we like her anyway. We really love life on our acreage which is located just 10 kilometers from our church.

Assistant Pastor

Nikki Ragush
204 728 8500

Youth Ministry
EAL Ministry

Pastor Nikki Ragush

I am the newest pastor on staff at Calvary Temple! I am a recent graduate of Briercrest College with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry. Brandon is my home and I have been attending Calvary Temple since 2004. I found myself in a leadership position with youth in my grade twelve year and I haven’t looked back. While I was away attending Briercrest College I was privileged to continue to work in youth ministry, and loved to connect with the youth here in Brandon when I was home. In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to intern at Calvary Temple, Brandon. When I am not hanging out with youth I spend most of my time on the soccer field, or finding new adventures to take in with my friends. I am so excited to have the privilege of working with youth here at Calvary Temple and look forward to meeting you if you are between grades 6-12.

Office Administrator

Lesli Onyshko

204 728 8500

Lesli Onyshko

Welcome to Calvary Temple!

This has been my home church for the majority of my life. I started off here in the nursery and then during my middle school years I entered the youth program, and I’ve never looked back. This place has always felt like home, not just because this is where I grew up, but the love I have always felt poured out into my life has always reflected the love of Jesus.

I have been a part of the youth leadership team at Calvary Temple since 2009, and this has been a huge blessing in my life. It is a blessing as I am able to share God’s love and see the youth come to know God on a deeper level and grow in their faith.

It is truly an honor to work alongside this pastoral team who are eager to serve. I invite you to be a part of our many small groups and ministries, as this is where you will find meaningful relationships that will encourage you in your faith journey.

Let us help you find your place here; feel free to contact the office about any questions you may have about any of our ministries and we look forward to getting to know you!


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